Our Events

Our Cancellation Policy

As members you’re all well aware that we’re a supportive, friendly group.  It’s very much part of our DNA to want to get the best for you and for our guests.

When booking events, venues require a booking cut-off date so we can advise them of the number of attendees and menu choices.  Reasons are varied, but venues may well be offering us a different menu to their regular selection or ordering food in advance to cater for our numbers. After we’ve confirmed menus and numbers, we’re locked in we are in a contract with the venue.

Of course, if we’re notified of a cancellation prior to the cut-off date, we’ll always endeavour to obtain a refund/offer the ticket to another if someone is unable to attend. However, please note that as volunteers, we don’t always have the resources or time to make last minute changes.  For this reason, we’ve formalised our cancellation policy – which you will see below. We hope this clarification will assist everyone in the future.

Please note that by submitting a booking you are agreeing to our cancellation conditions.


If you’re unable to attend an event that you’ve booked, our policy is as follows:

  1. You must contact us by email at info@womeninenterprise.co.uk to let us know that you are unable to attend.
  2. If notice is given BEFORE the advertised cut-off date you’ll be offered a full refund.
  3. For cancellations AFTER the advertised cut-off date, refunds or credits will not be possible. You may of course nominate someone to take your place and we’ll honour the price that you paid for your ticket (ie if your guest is a visitor we will still honour the member price) Please note that it will be your responsibility to settle the payment between yourselves.
  4. Please note that, should a ticket become available due to cancellation, we will advertise on our group WhatsApp forum.  As above, it is the original booker’s responsibility to settle the payment.