Linda Davies, MK Theatre hosts Northern Ballet's "Victoria" Networking Event

28 March 2019
28 March 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Linda Davies, MK Theatre hosts Northern Ballet’s “Victoria” Networking Event

I would like to invite Women in Enterprise members to join me for the launch of an unique networking event that I am hosting on the 2nd May 2019. With many contacts telling me that they would love to attend the ballet and opera, but often put off by lack of likeminded friends or partners, it seems a perfect fit to create an event that offers pre show networking alongside tickets to our world class performances here.

 The first production that I have chosen is Northern Ballet’s brand new dance biopic, Victoria, as seen through the eyes of the internationally renowned choreographer and directorCathy Marston, creator of NB’s acclaimed Jane Eyre.

Victoria has already received rave reviews for its beautifully cinematic score by Philip Feeney, its powerful story-telling, brilliant choreography and superb performances and it comes to Milton Keynes Theatre from Tuesday, 30 April to Saturday 4 May

Victoria wrote diaries throughout her long life, from the age of 13 until her death aged 81.

Her passionate relationship with her beloved husband, Albert, her ambiguous friendship with John Brown, her take on key events in history and the eye-wateringly graphic details of the births of her 11 children were all recorded for posterity.

Except that posterity never got to see a lot of the entries because Beatrice, her youngest child and lifelong companion, spent three decades ‘editing’ 43,000 pages of her mother’s journals to make them more acceptable for history.

Beatrice’s act of daughterly devotion became one of history’s most notorious revisions and the basis of Victoria, a co-production between Northern Ballet and The National Ballet of Canada.

Travelling back in time from Victoria’s death bed Beatrice relives her memories of her mother as a secluded widow before discovering her anew as she transcribes the Queen’s intimate diaries.

I have reserved central stalls tickets which cost £35 each and we invite you to join us from 6.15pm in the Piano Bar for a welcome drink and the opportunity to network before taking our seats for the 7.30pm performance.

Tickets can be purchased directly through me by emailing and you are welcome to come on your own or bring an additional guest if you would like to use the opportunity to entertain a client.

I do hope you can join us on the 2nd of May. Please contact me to reserve your place/s or for more information.

Linda Davies
Sales and Development Manager
Milton Keynes Theatre

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