Lesley Clarke asks, "What’s your trouser cut?"

7 November 2019
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What’s your trouser cut? How to avoid a Wallace moment and end up in the wrong pair.

For a while now dresses have been the go to garment of choice, easy to wear and no pairing to think about, but this season we now see an increase in popularity of the humble trouser, so I thought it was a good time to run through some guidelines of basic shapes. And also, because trousers aren’t the easiest thing to shop for, it’s a good idea to know what style you should be looking out for – even then, be prepared to go into the fitting rooms armed with as many pairs as you can manage.

Firstly, a few general rules to remember which ever style you opt for:

Pleated fronts will add volume and width, so might swamp the very petite.

Side pockets will widen the hips.

If pockets are placed too low they can make your bum look flat. Trousers with smaller pockets that are higher up will create the illusion of a bigger and perkier butt. As a general rule pockets should be centered on the fullest part of the bum.

Wide legged trousers, or buckle dusters as they are known this season – high waisted and floor sweeping. These will make your legs look like they go on forever. Team with waisted tops or a blouse or jumper tucked in. However, they will require heels, which could be one of the deciding factors if you go with this style or not.

Cargo pants – great way to incorporate the colour khaki if you have a cool colour complexion and can’t wear warm tones by your face. But be weary of the side pockets, which can add bulk, so be careful where these are placed, you don’t want it to be at your widest point. Look for pockets cut flat to the leg. These can offer a good alternative to the classic cotton chinos. Wear with ankle boots.

Gathered trousers – pleated around the waist, tapered. These will add volume to the tummy area so you need a trim waist to get away with this style. If that’s you, it’s the style to embrace. However, be mindful that it will also increase the size of your bum. Wear with the current trend of puffed sleeves and embellished shoulder details or a wide shouldered jacket. If you’re wanting to give them a try and are petite, look for a cropped version or turn up to show a bit of ankle.

Wide cropped, 3/4 length – shrunk in the wash culottes style trouser. If you’ve got honed calves and ankles this should be your style of choice to make sure you show them off. Go for stiffer fabric for this style, avoid anything too flowy. Cotton or denim will hold their shape best. If flats are for you, these will work very well with this style. Or if you want to opt for boots make sure you don’t show any bare leg and that they are fitted, not a loose style, as you want to show the contrast with the width of the trousers.

7/8th length – cigarette pants. Generally high waisted and cut above the ankle. These can work well with heels or flats. You can pop on with a silk shirt and embellished heels for a more glamorous look or a crisp white blouse and pumps for the office.


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