Free Artist's Way Coaching sessions

11 May 2020
11 May 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Free Artist’s Way Coaching sessions

Whilst a lot of us are on lock-down, I thought I would offer a free Artist Way group coaching session for six to twelve weeks.

It will help us get our minds off of politics and Covid-19 or help us to see how we can creatively combat Covid-19 as artist activists! image005.png🙂

It’s a chance to explore your creativity, meet with like minded people and manage your anxiety! Everybody is creative! I promise you will enjoy this book. You don’t have to be a writer, painter or musician. This book will help you to discover what creative outlet best suits you!

If you’re interested, let me know. What I would propose to do is offer the book in two parts. Chapter 1-6 would form part 1 and if people want to go on, they can and take Part II which is Chapters 7-12.

I love doing this book with groups. I have been able to see so many people launched into new ventures. The beauty is that we’re all in it together as beginners. And the great thing is that we can all meet together and cheer each other on!

Email me at nkhogan@sophiatransformations if you’re interested. I know the book is available on Kindle. The group will be no more than six people, but if more are interested, I can set up several groups. Also, if you have a day and time preference let me know.

We will do it on Zoom which is a great tool for virtual working and meetings. You’ll love it!


I first encountered The Artist Way almost 20 years ago when I was living as an expat humanitarian aid worker in Penang, Malaysia.  I came back to the States for my best friend’s wedding.   We’d been living and working in Malaysia together and although I was happy for her, there was a sense of grief and loss.  I knew a huge change was coming because our working partnership had come to a natural end and I didn’t know what I wanted to do next.  I just knew I wanted to get creative.

This book helped me to process my emotions and questions about what to do next.  Who was I and what did my work look like now that I was no longer living and working with my best friend?  Do I move back to Malaysia or go work somewhere else?  This book helped me as I made the decision to move to the UK and begin a new work project.  As a result, I ended up cofounding a Centre for International Justice and Reconciliation for my organization with a new team of people focused on advocating at the United Nations for ending all forms of Violence Against Women and Girls.

My most recent transition was two and a half years ago.  After finally realising that the traditional 9-5 work life is not for me, I established a coaching, mentoring and consulting business, Sophia Transformations and am finishing a book I am writing on moral imagination and moral intelligence.

If the following describes you:

  • You are someone who wants to start a business, or who wants to strike out on their own and explore their creativity?
  • You are keen to identify and overcome the blocks to stepping out and starting a business of your own or are looking to change jobs to something that is more you?
  • You want to get more clarity around what it is you want to do/create?
  • You are ready to explore your inner creativity, imagination, resilience and resources to help you achieve your dream creative project

Then you’ve found your tribe!  Go ahead and sign up!  You won’t regret it. Email me at nkhogan@sophiatransformations if you’re interested.

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